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NCKU School-Based Startups: Selected into RESI and Became a Highlight in Bio International Convention

BIO 2019

Held in Philadelphia, USA on June 4, 2019, Bio International Convention is the largest annual industry activity platform for the global biotechnology industry. Under the leadership of NCKU Vice President SU, FANG-CHING, Dean of Academic Affairs WANG, YU-MIN of National Cheng Kung University, Deputy Director HOU, MING-CHIN of Office for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Chief Operating Officer HUNG, WEI-JEN of Global Research & Industry Alliance, NCKU accompanied a total of 4 school-based startups including Riche, MEDIVISIONTECH, GEcoll Biomedical, and JEN-WEI BIOTECHNOLOGY to showcase the latest biotechnology applications at this event and successfully attracted partners from home and abroad.

NCKU Accounted for 2 among 3 Taiwan Groups Selected into RESI

As the largest early-stage biotech investment conference in North America, RESI (The Redefining Early Stage Investments) is one of the biggest activities in the Bio International Convention. Among 30 biotech-related groups selected to participate in the RESI conference, 3 came from Taiwan and 2 of them were the NCKU school-based startups "Riche" and "MEDIVISIONTECH" which not only generated a heated discussion among the international angel investors and venture capitals but also showcased the strong competitiveness of medical biotech strength of Taiwan in the international arena.

BIO 2019  BIO 2019

NCKU School-Based Startups Exhibited High Business Values technology in Bio International Convention

Riche enhances the efficiency of nucleic acid amplification by the photo-thermal conversion of nanoparticle so that the most accurate molecular detection can be completed within half an hour, which greatly shortens the original detection time. This technology can be applied to the detection of pathogens that give rise to the infectious disease in the nursing home as well as the detection of infectious diseases in the agricultural industry and aquaculture industry. MEDIVISIONTECH develops an upper gastrointestinal bleeding monitoring system that assists medical personnel in accurately determining and monitoring the early and postoperative acute gastrointestinal bleeding, reducing the burden on the medical staff, improving patient prognosis, and reducing medical expenses. GEcoll uses genetic engineering technology to develop biomaterials that are most suitable for human use, with a focus on regenerative medicine and the development of medical devices using humanized biomaterials. This technology can be applied to anti-cancer drug screening, aesthetic medicine, and 3D bio-printing in the future. JEN-WEI BIOTECHNOLOGY has successfully identified key proteins in the body that cause abnormal inflammation and has developed new targeted drugs to treat various inflammatory diseases such as cancer, fibrosis, degenerative and autoimmune diseases. In the future, the startup aims to create a broad-based drug that can treat a variety of diseases.


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