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GLORIA NCKU hosted the “Smart HospitalFuture Trends Forum” for industry networking to explore a new dimension of smart hospital

Guided by the Ministry of Science and Technology, sponsored by the International University of Industry and Technology Alliance, and the “Smart Hospital and Future Trends” exchange forum, which was jointly organized by the industry, university, and research institutes, was held at the University of Success on May 23. Participants included representatives from all over the Taiwanese enterprises, representatives of academic research units in medical related fields, and academic experts. The scene was grand and it was called the wisdom medical profession. In the meeting, we will share the latest medical industry trends and the new face of smart technology. At the same time, we will arrange the industry's promoters of smart hospitals, share the experience and development, and demonstrate the abundant research and development vitality and energy of the domestic smart medical industry.

In the speech of Vice President Su Fangqing of the successful university, in recent years, the artificial intelligence technology has made rapid progress, silently changing the global industrial development, how to continuously seek new through smart terminal products, and successfully embodied in various applications of real life, especially including medical In the field, how to apply to the medical system, to help medical staff to manage and operate more efficiently and qualityly, and to meet the current needs of the demanders, this is the subject of all changes in the government, research and research units, and hope that today’s activities can spark sparks. The construction of science and technology ministers and industry-university units will draw new ideas for the future.


The theme of the event is "Smart Hospital and Future Trends", with special representatives of production, education and research. In the morning, the forum will be held by Chengda University, the director of the Information Office of Jiangda, and the industrial analyst Xie Xiuxin. Analyze and discuss the development trend and future planning of the smart hospital industry. From the global environment, hospital demand, policy direction, industry experience, etc., combined with the innovative kinetic energy of production, government, and research, we will jointly explore the application and possibility of future cooperation. .

In the afternoon, the agenda was planned to be shared by the company. The senior manager of Jiashida Technology Chen Zhengrong, the director of Quanta Computer Unit Song Zhenhua, the new project Mr. Melvin Ong, Director of Health Systems, the deputy general manager of Compal Computer Xu Ruizhen and the manager of Advantech Ye Weixian Representatives, sharing the technology, platform experience and future prospects of the smart hospitals in the industry, so that the conference will master the latest technology development trends and research and development results. In addition, after the agenda, five companies and one professor of Chengdu University will be arranged to communicate one-on-one, and the industry-university cooperation dialogue will be opened. More experts will be invited to invest in smart medical development to create new business opportunities in the smart medical industry.

In response to the rapid growth of global medical technology, in order to provide better medical service quality, the introduction of Fuxin Medical Technology to assist hospital management, improve the efficiency of medical staff, meet the needs of patients, and people-oriented solutions are the future development of smart hospitals. Focus. Several participating smart medical companies believe that today's activities have set up a good platform for connecting domestic manufacturers involved in smart medical care to form a "Smart Healthcare Industry Alliance" to form a national team to share information and business opportunities and improve the overall situation. Competitive, and strive for overseas business opportunities together.



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