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“Continuous Commitment to Excellence and Sustainable Development” NCKU President Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su Appointed to Second Term


Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su has been appointed to a second term as president of NCKU. It was announced by the Chief Secretary of Ministry of Education, Dr. Chu Nan-Shyan (朱楠賢), at the NCKU President Inauguration ceremony on January 29th. The ceremony was honored by the attendance of the former presidents of NCKU: Dr. Dr. Jer-Ru Maa (馬哲儒), Dr. Michael Lai Ming-Chiao (賴明詔) and Dr. Hwung-Hweng Hwung (黃煌煇).


Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su was appointed NCKU president in 2015, as a great leader and a great researcher. She is honored with the Leadership Award in Public Health Practice by Harvard University, and the Asian Top 100 Scientists,” said Dr. Chu. “President Su has realized her visions by connecting with Tainan city community, delivering social responsibility locally and internationally, and strives for excellence and sustainable development. We look forward to her second term a great success.”


We are very proud to learn that, in the past four years, NCKU academia has won the Ta-You Wu Memorial Award and the Outstanding Research award of the Ministry of Science and Technology. NCKU researches are published in top international journals, including SCIENCE, Nature Nanotechnology and Nature Communications. Under the leadership of President Su, NCKU raises its global profile with competitive researchers and students, committed faculty and enthused administrative. said Dr. Lou-Chuang Lee (李羅權), the Academician of Academia Sinica.


NCKU talents always make an impression, with positive working attitude and commitment to excellence, and are very welcomed by business leaders in Taiwan. We appreciate the leadership of President Su and wish her a great success in the future,” greeted by Bruce C.H. Cheng (鄭崇華), the founder and Honorary Chairman of Delta Electronics.


NCKU will continue to commit to excellence in academic development, research capability and global social responsibility,” President Su said. “Our researchers are taking the lead in the cutting edge quantum information science and the next generation sequencing. Our students are awarded and granted with the Columbus Program, the Einstein Program, iGEM by MIT and BIOMOD by Harvard. We have created the big data-enabled public health campaign to reduce the risk of dengue infection, assigned an NCKU engineer expert team to a local high-rise building collapse incident, and launched “Exploring Tainan”, a new course for NCKU general education. We are very proud to live the value of sustainable development in each step we make.”


Expanding the international collaboration, NCKU/SATU Joint Research Scheme for international university student exchange with South East Asian countries, and NCKU/Purdue dual degree program, empowered with online courses, offer a global opportunity for education and career,” said President Su. “NCKU is a campus with the greatest student number growth in Taiwan and the greatest cultural diversity. There are international students from 80 countries. We have also set up multiple international offices with top universities.”


The launch of NCKU College X by President Su not only introduces interdisciplinary study fields to students but also inspire us with open-mindedness and international vision,noted Yu-Wei Chen(陳佑維), the chairman of NCKU Student Union.


Aiming for the future, President Su declares that NCKU will continue to commit to and achieve her four key approaches: Excellence in academia with deep learning and engaged scholarship; Excellence in research with cutting edge technology and translational science; Excellence in industry partnership with transformational innovation and Excellence in internationalization with diversity and global knowledge clusters.


President Su concludes, “this will be another good decade for higher education. I strongly believe that NCKU will continue to create values and make contribution for the global community, for the needs of society and development of country. We care for our city, our nation and our common future.”


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(Written by Mingchun Wu)


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