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GLORIA NCKU Held Sheh Fung Screws Company Day in NCKU to Recruit Talents for the Corporate Member

替企業會員延攬人才  成大國盟舉辦世豐螺絲日



GLORIA NCKU hosted the “Sheh Fung Screws Company Day in NCKU” in campus on November 29, helping the corporate member, Sheh Fung Screws, to recruit outstanding talents in National Cheng Kung University to serve in the company. Students from related departments actively signed up to participate. Job vacancies included R&D engineers, QC engineers, and process engineers, prompting many students from NCKU’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Institute of Manufacturing Information and Systems, and other related departments to sign up for this company day. In addition to Kent Chen, the General Manager of Sheh Fung Screws, and Junz Wang, the Deputy Dean of NCKU’s College of Engineering, other members invited to the event included Daniel Huang, the Deputy General Manager of Sheh Fung Screws, Jerry Wang, an alumnus of the NCKU’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, who is now the Manufacturing Manager of Sheh Fung Screws, Liu Yan-Ci, the Human Resources Manager of Sheh Fung Screws, etc. The purpose of the event was to allow students to know more about this hidden champion enterprise.
In addition to assisting corporate members in linking up R&D resources of NCKU, GLORIA NCKU also helps enterprises to recruit talents in colleges and universities in Southern Taiwan. With one-stop service, managers of GLORIA NCKU could integrate recruitment resources on campus or drafting long-term recruitment plan for corporate members.
In the opening speech, the Deputy Dean of NCKU’s College of Engineering, Junz Wang said: “NCKU students should not restricted themselves in serving in those giant electronics enterprises after graduation. Despite good compensation, you would probably be only positioned as a small screw in a cruise. If you serve in a small and medium-sized company, you could play a key role in it and learn more.” He added that screws have a wide range of applications nowadays. Besides manufacturing and industrial uses, there are also high-value screws used in the medical field. He encouraged students to broaden their horizons and apply their knowledge to multiple domains. 
The General Manager, Kent Chen, shared with students about Sheh Fung Screws Company, the manufacturing process of screws, and smart manufacturing technology that has been brought into the company. He also shared his learning experience at university and provided suggestions for students to help them find their career path. 
As an alumnus, the General Manager of the Manufacturing Department shared his view with the students that he feels sense of accomplishment working at Sheh Fung Screws Company. He also encouraged students at NCKU to improve their communicational skills so that their talents can be seen by supervisors.
Sheh Fung Screws specializes in manufacturing screws for various purposes. After more than 30 years of continuous innovation and improvement, it has accumulated considerable experience and technology in screw manufacturing. Each process, from wire feeding, heading, forming, threading, heat treatment, electroplating or phosphate coating, packaging, and other processes, must be strictly inspected by QC personnel before entering the next process. To meet customized needs of customers, Sheh Fung Screws also provides useful design and manufacturing technology to gain customers’ trust and affirmation. 



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