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About Mitacs


NCKU and Mitacs team up to provide funding, connect expertise of researchers across the two countries, and bring together research collaboration opportunities between Taiwan and Canada.


About Mitacs

Established in 1999, Mitacs is a national, not-for-profit organization that fosters growth and innovation for business and post-secondary institutions. Mitacs builds partnerships that support industrial and social innovation in Canada and abroad for industrial research placements for graduate student and Postdoctoral fellows. https://www.mitacs.ca/en


About NCKU-Mitacs collaboration

NCKU established its partnership with Mitacs in 2019 and jointly promote academic and university-industry cooperation between Taiwan and Canada since then. Mitacs partners with over 65 universities, thousands of companies in Canada and abroad for 20 years, making it a leader in Canada’s innovation ecosystem and a good strategic partner for NCKU to promote international research collaboration. NCKU President Jenny Su praised the relationship as a milestone as the collaboration can not only strengthen research capability but also enhance industry-academic partnership, and establish and support high-growth enterprises.



Impact stories

Successful cases


“I was able to experience hands-on research and gain practical approaches in a way I have never done before,”

-student of Global link Program, Mireya Cervantes González from Mexico



“To stay competitive, we need to invest in research, and we need to invest in technology that advances our products. Collaborating with academia is a big benefit for Kobo, and Mitacs’ programs allow us to do that."

-Darius Braziunas, Kobo’s Big Data Director



Now accepting applications
In response to COVID-19 pandemic, Mitacs is allowing participants to work from home (no need to travel for international partners), as long as research partners are able to connect and carry out the research methodologies virtually.
If it’s not feasible to work remotely given the structure of the work, you can put your project on hold for future (up to 12 months). We encourage you to plan ahead of time and secure the funding for the overseas exchange opportunities.



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