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NCKU GLORIA Invited International Medical Device Expert to Share the Innovative Experience

From February 11 to March 1, NCKU GLORIA invited Dr. Lo Yingcheng, an experienced international medical expert to provide the university's innovative team with consulting services and pay a visit to the corporate members and potential members with the personnel of NCKU GLORIA. They made exploration and exchange with the companies on the R&D direction, process development and product optimization to solve the problems encountered in the practice of enterprises and manufacturers.
Dr. Lo Yingcheng is currently a senior executive in the Baxter Healthcare Corporation, which has grown from the grassroots researcher to the vice president of the R&D department. Baxter is the second largest healthcare company in the United States and a multinational manufacturer and seller of top medical products. Dr. Lo is in possession of 64 patents covering medical consumables development, device design, manufacturing processes or treatment optimization. He has a good understanding of all stages of medical product development, ranging from conceptualization to commercialization and product cycle management. During his visit to Taiwan, Dr. Lo provided a total of 8 consultations for NCKU innovative team/company, visited 2 corporate member companies and 1 potential member, discussed and communicated with faculty of the Medical Department or school-based production units, and provided 2 lectures.
In his speech on February 27, Dr. Lo shared his experience in planning the company's short, medium and long-term product development in Baxter. For example, in a product development process, there are considerations such as risk management, product design planning, previous design history, design variability, and effectiveness testing. In addition, Dr. Lo also shared how multinational companies conduct innovative research and development, and provides key points that need to be noted in the process of R&D concept maturity, such as market size, deficiencies, focuses, etc., and the need to clarify the R&D team members and their self-separation, etc. Dr. Lo's team uses a set of objective analysis methods to compare and analyze all known and latest technologies of a specific product and provide company decision makers with the direction of product development in the next five or ten years.
In addition to providing advice for the new team and discussing problems or exchanges with the manufacturers, NCKU GLORIA's invitation of an international expert to Taiwan is expected to bring different perspectives and new direction to the R&D of medical equipment in Taiwan. 





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