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NCKU GLORIA Met BioGroup Biotech Talents for Exchange of Industrial Experiences

On December 22, 2018, the 2018 BioGroup Symposium was held in the second lecture hall of College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University in Tainan. Co-sponsored by “BioGroup Biotech Exchange Platform of Ministry of Education” and “Institute of Basic Medical Sciences of National Cheng Kung University” and co-organized by “GLORIA NCKU” and “HIT for Asia”, 2018 BioGroup Symposium focuses on the theme of "Meetup with Biotech Talents!" with the agenda covering scholastic lectures, industry forums, biotech organizations, and government programs. Through the exchanges and interactions carried out in this forum, bioscience research and biotechnology industry in Taiwan can be closely connected to inject new vitality into the future.

BioGroup Symposium

Under the title of “Current Status, Prospect, and Talent Cultivation of Biomedical Industry in Taiwan”, the presentation this time was delivered by Director Zhuang of Department of Life Science, Ministry of Science and Technology. Director Zhuang pointed out that the business revenue in the biomedical industry in Taiwan has being increasing over the past 5 years. According to the 2018 Global Entrepreneurship Congress on entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world, biotechnology is one of the three most advantageous industries in Taiwan. With many new startups choosing Taiwan as the developmental base, Taiwan provides an entrepreneurial environment that balances international trade and domestic demand for the new startups. Director Zhuang also expects that the biotech talents and biotechnology industries will gather their strengths and integrate their resources to focus on niche products and take part in international exhibition & business matching activities, so that the biomedical industry in Taiwan could expand its business territory to the rest of the world.
In the industry expert meeting, GLORIA NCKU invited General Manager Yang of MEDTECS INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION LIMITED, Chief Technology Officer Chen of NCKU Derivative Biotech New Startup, and Chief Operating Officer Wen of Earning (Taiwan) to exchange their industry experiences with Chief Operating Officer Hong of GLORIA NCKU and experts from other fields including Dr. Chen and Dr. Huang. General Manager Yang shared his company's market planning and distribution process before revealing his personal opinions about the educational backgrounds and relevant experiences that a biotechnological talent must obtain before devoting to the biomedical industry. Chief Executive Officer Chen and Chief Operating Officer Wen shared their entrepreneurial experiments ever since the first establishment of their companies, including life planning before and after the start of their businesses, changes in the target market of their companies, ways to expand their markets and ways to raise funds. Starting out from the first personal perspective of venture capital and entrepreneurial consultant respectively, Chief Operating Officer Hong and Dr. Huang & Dr. Chen shared their experiences on the venture capital's selection criteria of investment cases, the startups' conditions that attract venture capital to invest, and advice for biotech talents with an aspiration to start up a business in the future.
By cooperating with industry talents, GLORIA NCKU hopes to strengthen the mutual exchange and cooperation between employees working in the related industries while letting young students learn more about the pre-requisite skills and abilities they need to apply for the target industry. All these are done with an aim to achieve the talent cultivation and industry-academia cooperation.


BioGroup Symposium

而洪偉仁營運長與黃意翔博士及陳畊兆博士則是分別從創投產業及創業輔導員的角度去分享,包括創投對於投資案的選擇標準、新創團隊要讓創投願意投入資金的條件或是給與未來有志於創業的生技人才之建議等。 成大國際產學聯盟希望藉由合辦產業人才對談之活動,促進相關產業的從業人員間的互相交流合作,也希望業界人員的經驗分享,讓學校的青年學子可以更了解產業需求及應準備的能力,達到人才培育、產學合作之目標。

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