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2019 General Assembly of GLORIA NCKU’s Members Leading Cross-industry Exchange to Spark off the Business Collaboration

On May 16th, the GLORIA NCKU invited the corporate members to exchange ideas in the Anping Smart Harbor. In addition to the industry-university chain, the company provided a platform for exchanges between corporate members, including President Jenny Su and Vice President Fang-ching Su. More than 50 companies from all enterprises attended the meeting, and invited high-level executives such as the chairman, general manager, deputy general manager and director of the member companies to participate in the event.
NCKU has always been aiming at developing across generations, breaking geographical barriers, returning to people-oriented research, and cultivating talents with cross-disciplinary literacy, problem-solving, and innovation, and through the GLORIA NCKU as an industry-university communication. A bridge of cooperation, connecting industry needs with large research and talents, and at the same time, for members to match each other, inspire many exciting sparks.
With this membership meeting, the successful academic achievements of the successful universities are closer to the needs of industrial development, and the corporate member exchange platform has stimulated many cross-industry and cross-disciplinary opportunities and cooperation sparks, including facilitating Cooperation and expansion of discussions on the cooperation cases that have been negotiated, including institutional design cooperation negotiations, continuation of sustainable economic solutions, possible docking of new product features, and overseas agent sales between manufacturers.
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