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NCKU Working with STEE to Initiate International Collaboration in Intelligent Technology

On March 7, Jenny Su, president of NCKU, signed a memorandum of understanding on "Industry-Academic Collaboration Memorandum" with Liu Zhan-Peng, Executive Vice President of Singapore Technologies Engineering Electronics (STEE). NCKU GLORIA hopes to exchange the specific technologies and experiences of Singapore's development of smart city through cooperation between the two parties, aiming to enhance the potential of research and development in the field of intelligent technology. The two parties will start cooperation in smart driving, smart transportation, smart campus, smart hospital and other fields, develop Taiwan's independent technology and create new value for the industry.
According to the survey of global smart cities by British research institutions, the 2017 championship is Singapore. The parent company of ST Engineering Electronics, ST Engineering, is a company supported by the Singapore government funds. The “10-year plan: world’s first Smart Nation by 2025” planned by Singapore government is driven by the ST Engineering and STEE. Therefore, the company is in a leading position in technology research and development in all fields. On the other hand, NCKU also has research and development related to smart technology in the fields of engineering, medicine, urban design, transportation, etc., and has in-depth collaboration with Taiwan's Industrial Institute, the National Research Institute or the industry.
The signing ceremony was held at the NCKU Historical Museum and hosted by the NCKU GLORIA. Distinguished guests including Huang Weiquan, Singapore's Business Representative in Taipei, Gao Zanding, Senior Vice President of STEE, Tan Yaofeng, General Manager of Taiwan District, Su Fangqing, Vice President of NCKU, Xie Sunyuan, R&D Director, Chen Peiyin, Vice President of the College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Zheng Taisheng, Dean of the College of Planning and Design, were invited.
Jenny Su pointed out that smart technology is one of the development goals of NCKU. ST Engineering has a lot of practical experience in the development and application of smart technology, which will bring many new inspirations to NCKU. In addition, NCKU will also be the best partner of ST Engineering in Taiwan. Because its research scope ranges from space to ocean, from medical to engineering, the research field is broader than other universities in Taiwan. It looks forward to collaborating with international companies and brings more new innovative value to each other.
Liu Zhanpeng, executive vice president of STEE, said that NCKU is a top university with good results in academic research and talent cultivation. The collaboration with NCKU to explore technological innovation and value together will produce a multiplier effect in smart technology, which will bring new value to areas such as intelligent technology, engineering, so as to implement intelligent life.
The collaboration between NCKU and STEE will begin with the "Smart Vehicle Testing and Verification" technology system. In 2017, NCKU independently designed and integrated key software for intelligent vehicles, developed unmanned vehicles that can be used in campus, and worked with the National Research Institute to build a vehicle condition detection system. In the future, the combination with Singapore’s autopilot test and verification system and development experience will help NCKU to build smart vehicle optimization technology. In addition, it will implement interdisciplinary collaboration with colleges including the College of Medicine, College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, College of Planning and Design. As Singapore has rich experience in promoting and integrating emergency medical networks, senior home care, and remote video diagnosis, there will be a vast space for collaboration in future wisdom medical fields.
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