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NCKU makes splash at CES 2019 with IoT, AI applications

成功大學CES 2019展示多項應用技術
National Cheng Kung University wowed the visitors with its latest technologies and innovations at the recently concluded 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, one of the world's top tech exhibitions.
The Tainan-based university’s Global Research & Industry Alliance aimed at using the opportunity to demonstrate its innovative strengths at the annual tech extravaganza held from Jan. 8-11.


NCKU CSIE Professor Jung-Hsien Chiang


NCKU CSIE Professor Sheng-Fu Liang

A domestic service robot that boasts AI and advanced sensing abilities was among the highlights. The robot can precisely memorize users’ preferences and is suitable to accompany the elderly and diabetics. In the future, the robot can also be customized to provide early childhood education and other services, said, distinguished professor at NCKU’s Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE) Professor Jung-Hsien Chiang.
The university also had some good news for those who suffer from sleep problems, offering a wearable device that was said to monitor and improve one’s sleep quality with its Brain Mind Welfare system. The system comprises of real-time brainwave analysis, wireless communication and noise suppression, whose neuro-feedback can hence lead to long-term improvement and further treatment. Its creator, NCKU CSIE Professor Sheng-Fu Liang, said the product caught a lot of attention at the show and many companies expressed interest in further cooperation.



Other innovations include the AuDis system that finds the relations between disease and medication with the text mining technology; a smart mosquito lamp that can identify what kind of mosquitoes it catches and a wearable band that monitors heartbeats and body temperatures for epidemic preventions; a cross-medical field solution that integrates various vital sign sensors; a television broadcasting system using centralized texture and depth packing technology allows a 2D TV to play 3D images; a VR device specially tailored for basketball player’s solo training.

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