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CLORIA NCKU @ BIO 2018 → NCKU Technologies

Technology 1. IL-20 antibody is a potential drug for diseases
Inventor: Chair Prof. Ming-Shi Chang
Contact person: Ms. Yun-Han Weng +886-62353535 ext.5077
In recent years there has been rapidly increasing demand for new drug because of the worldwide aging population. The main trend in the drug market has been the targeted use of monoclonal antibody therapy. Inflammation plays a very 
critical role in many diseases. For example, Interleukin-20 (IL-20) is a pro-inflammatory cytokine and involved in many diseases. LBL Biotech (“LBL’) is a start-up company founded in Taiwan. LBL have developed the anti-IL-20 monoclonal antibody (7E) and demonstrated that 7E is a very potent drug to treat several diseases in animal models including osteoporosis, liver cirrhosis, breast cancer, cancer-induced osteolysis, and chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain (CINP). More than 40 patents have been granted for these discoveries and most patents cover multiple countries (USA, European, Japan, China and Canada).
The primary focus will be on three indications:
(1)chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain,
(2) liver cirrhosis, and
(3) breast cancer and cancer-induced osteolysis.
We are currently raising money and
seeking out-licensing.
Technology 2. Microsphere for embolization and drug delivery
Inventor: Doctor Xi-Zhang Lin
Contact person: Ms. Hsiu-Hui Wu 06-2353535 ext.6202
In recent years, Dr. Lin has focused on liver cancer treatment. At this moment there are three products for research and development. The first one, is a third-grade medical device named “T- ACE beads”, which consists in microspheres made by pharmaceutical excipients and is used as an arterial chemoembolization treatment for liver cancer. At this moment, “T-ACE beads” is in a clinical trial phase and we are seeking manufacturer’s cooperation for its development. Microspheres also can be used in prostatic artery embolization, uterine fibroma treatment, and we are looking forward to bring more benefits to patients.
The second product, “T-ACE oil”, was developed in conjunction with the Food Industry Research and Development Institute for liver cancer embolization treatment. T-ACE oil is the first oil-based injectable product in Taiwan and the first lipophilic X-ray contrast agent. Finally, the third product is called “Endo Gel”, which is a hydrogel that can be used for therapeutic endoscopic procedures. 
For colorectal polyps and early gastrointestinal cancer, Endo Gel, can be used to lift this lesions from gastrointestinal mucosa and facilitate its endoscopic removal. 
With the assistance of the Industrial Value Creation Program for Academia and Technology Transfer & Business Incubation Center, our goal is to establish a star-up to provide the combinational medical device and the service of interventional technology.


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