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GLORIA NCKU, SAP join hands to tap medical cooperation

The Global Research & Industry Alliance of National Cheng Kung University (GLORIA NCKU) signed a letter of intent with German multinational software corporation SAP SE in Silicon Valley on Oct. 25, with the aims of tapping medical cooperation, the group said in a recent statement.


The cooperation can serve as smart solutions for hospitals, especially for the aging society, the Tainan-based alliance noted, adding that such big data analyses can be used to enhance administrative efficiency and diagnosis accuracy, aimed at precise medical treatment.



Taiwan’s R&D budget needs to be executed in a strategic way, demonstrating the good result and influence of how science and technology becomes commercialized, said Jesse Chen, CEO of GLORIA NCKU, adding that his organization is determined to propelling the collaboration and building up an ecosystem for start-ups.


NCKU vows to play a crucial role in venture matchmaking and bringing American start-ups to Taiwan, the group said, noting that it also signed an MOU with world-class venture company EGI Capital the other day.

Jesse Chen, CEO of GLORIA NCKU

Such tie-ups were part of the fruitful outcome after Su Fong-Chin, NCKU Executive Vice President, led a delegation to the US from October 21 to 25.


In a separate press release by Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology, the visit concluded with several of the nation’s schools signing MOUs on university-industry innovative cooperation with their industrial counterparts, and business of more than USD200 million expected to be generated.



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