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GLORIA NCKU Observed EMO Hannover 2019 together with the Corporate Member to Enhance NCKU's Intellectual Technology Capacity

成大國盟派遣代表觀摩德國工具機展  協助會員與大學提升研究能量

This year, the world's biggest metalworking trade fair, EMO, was held at Hannover in Germany from 16 to 21 September. In order to better understand the development of Industry 4.0 in Germany, GLORIA NCKU had sent the account manager, together with a corporate member, to the exhibition for observation and learning, in hopes of equipping account manager for proposing better R&D suggestions as well as enhancing the research capacity in intellectual technology of NCKU. The theme of exhibition in this year is "Smart technologies driving tomorrow's production!", which highlights the importance of intellectualization in metalworking. The exhibition did not only show the smart solutions for the future, but also set up the world’s first testing area of 5G to let visitors personally experience the effect of 5G.
With advanced manufacturing technologies, Taiwan is the seventh largest metalworking manufacturing country and the fourth largest metalworking exporting country in the world. The corporate member of GLORIA NCKU is interested in seeking smart technology that can replace labor in the manufacturing process. Therefore, the account manager had offered the opportunity of joining the delegation of China Productivity Center (CPC) together. The corporate member said that the observation gave them clear scope on the intellectualization and that they have learnt a lot.
Taiwan has the most exhibitors among Asia and the third among all this year, with 221 manufacturers of metalworking and components. The manufacturers include Fair Friend Group, QUASER Company, HIWIN technologies Corp., Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co. Germany is accounted for nearly 4% of export value and ranks eighth for Taiwan, therefore the manufacturers in Taiwan would grasp the opportunity to expand the global market.
During the exhibition, the account manager and corporate member have also visited the booths by Siemens, Bosch Rexroth, B&R, Industrial Technology Research Institute, and Fair Friend Group, listening to the introduction on the total solution of Industry 4.0 by the exhibitors' staffs and discussing with them.
In recent years GLORIA NCKU has been facilitating the industry-academia cooperation in the area of smart technology, such as intelligent driver, smart hospital, and smart campus, which brings talents cultivation for the university. It is expected that GLORIA NCKU would be the facilitator in Southern Taiwan for developing smart technology.
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