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GLORIA NCKU seeks cooperation at Battery Show


Several innovative battery technologies by the GLORIA NCKU R&D teams were under the spotlight at the just ended Battery Show North America from Sept. 10-12, with the hopes of finding potential partners from home and abroad.


Among the highlights included the use of silicon-based anode material by the Silican team led by Prof. Liu Chuan-Pu. The material can help raise capacity from 1600 mAh/g to 3000 mAh/g, he said, adding that his team also developed commercialized high quality nano silicon. The particle size is lower than 100nm with purity higher than 99.99 percent, according to the team.


Novel binder for solvent-based electrode manufacture, gel electrolyte and silicon/carbon composite developed by the Rising team led by Prof. Kuo Ping-Lin also attracted high attention. The new binder is suitable to apply in the power battery for E-scooter and Electric car owing to its superior performance; the gel electrolyte can be applied in various types of liquid electrolytes; and the composite can be operated in both water-based and solvent-based slurry process. All are ready for sample request, Kuo noted.



Also, the solid and gel electrolytes (developed by Prof. Teng His-Sheng) and the waterborne gel polymer electrolytes (developed by Prof. Hou Sheng-Shu) caught the eye of many buyers. The former dramatically reduces the possibility of penetration- or solvent-induced explosions for lithium ion batteries, while the latter can be used for both the lithium ion battery and the capacitor, featuring its safety, stability and conductivity.


The three-day Novi event in Michigan attracted over 600 international industrial heavyweights from nearly 50 countries, including Japan, Germany, Italy, Israel, China and the U.K.

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