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More than 100 Academic Representatives Participated in “Make Self-driving Car Genuinely Safe Forum”


On September 3, GLORIA NCKU and High Definition Maps Center co-organized “Make Self-driving Car Genuinely Safe” forum, inviting representatives from the industry, government and academia to discuss about self-driving system, industrial trend, high definition map, drive test field and other related issues. Through the panel discussion, the speakers together brainstormed the business opportunities of self-driving industry and assisted business to step into the industry to achieve new milestone of Taiwan’s transportation technology. More than a hundred representatives participated in the forum, and the content was greatly praised.

The forum was opened by J. Juang, professor of Department of Electrical Engineering in NCKU with a speech on “Conversation Between System and Hardware”, in which he emphasized “safety is the top priority of self-driving”. Cheng-Kung University development team has already achieved level 4 in autonomous driving level in 2018, which means the vehicle can judge the road condition and drive on its own in designated section and environment. In June 2019, the team had completed high definition map connection with Ministry of Interior’s and completed central control platform connection with National Development Council. 


J. Juang, professor of Department of Electrical Engineering in NCKU

Annie Shih, Industry Analyst of Industry Technology Research Institution brought out “Future Trend of Autonomous Car and Opportunities for Taiwan Corporation”. She suggested that in order to enter the market, Taiwan corporation should develop ADAS module and system integration in the short term, and in the long term, to develop fully autonomous driving system for specific market, such as connection for suburban area and logistics service.


Professor Kai-Wei Chiang, Host of High Definition Maps Center, delivered the speech about “Make Self-driving Safer: Connection Between High Definition Map and Self-driving System”. According to the research of safety on advanced driving vehicle, to improve self-driving level, it requires high definition map, advanced in-vehicle sensors, AI judgement and decision-making technology. High Definition Maps Center has integrated the technology at home and abroad, which will help promote cooperation between industry and academia.

Professor Kai-Wei Chiang, Host of High Definition Maps Center


Dr. Long-Yao Chang, Taiwan Car Lab, shared the experience of “First Mile of Self-driving in Taiwan: Autonomous Car Test Drive Field in Shalun”. Regulations in Taiwan have already allowed experiments of unmanned vehicle in actual field. Before self-driving vehicle go on road, it must obtain approval with evaluation report of closed test field and related safety plan. Taiwan Car Lab was developed by Ministry of Technology and Science to introduce the complex traffic environment and driving habits of the Asia-Pacific region. It is a test filed for advanced transportation, and can be the milestone of self-driving test field in Taiwan.


Square Luo, chairman of the board, GEOSAT Aerospace & Technology Inc.


Square Luo, chairman of the board, GEOSAT Aerospace & Technology Inc., gave a speech on “Application of Real-time Locating System and Mapping System”, indicating the market of high definition map is growing rapidly. GEOSAT participated in the construction of high definition map in Taichung Shuinan and Tainan Shalun in 2018; the projects were organized by Industrial Development Bureau. The average discrepancy of 3D measurement in Taichung Shuinan is 5.7cm and that of Tainan Shalun is 5.4cm; both are better than expected 30cm. The results are outstanding.


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